Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Knife

I made a knife out of a skill saw blade and some pallet wood




Sunday, May 18, 2014

Cool Pallet Wood

Cool pallet wood that was under the slats about 300mm long (12") and 50, 100 mm (2,4")

I Cut some a wile ago on my bandsaw and today I put some clear gloss on it xD

Bandsaw box No 3

Made this one to sell its made out of orageon




Ninja Stars

Some wooden ninja stars I made out of 3mm MDF

Planter Box

Me and my dad made this for mothers day out of 100% pallet wood









My LumberJock

Bandsaw box i made for mothers day

Macrocapa Bandsaw box I made in 3 days and gave to my mum mothers day night

Monday, April 14, 2014

BandSaw Box

I made a bandsaw box about 1 month ago and I sanded and finished it yesterday so here it is I used this template off I reduce the template so it could fit on some 6x2

My tools

12" planer
My Homemade 12" disk sander
 Detailed sander
 1/3 sheet sander
 Air compressor 2hp 21L
 Ryobi Bandsaw 9 1/2"
 Ryobi 405mm scroll saw
 Roybi 5 speed drill press
 254mm Ryobi Compound saw
 Makita Skill saw
 1/3 sheet sander
 Ryobi belt sander
 Black and decker jig saw
 1300w home made table saw can cut up to 900mm wide
 Ryobi 1250w Plunge router in router table
 ozito 1100w Wet and Dry Shop Vac
 Ozito 7.2. Cordless drill
 Super Works Power Drill


New Logo

New Sander and Little Drill

On the 13th of April 2014 I got a OzitoDetail Sander for $39.95 and a Ozito 7.2v Li-lon Drill for $44